Dusty Naranjo – Santa Clara Pueblo

Born to Tito and Bernice Naranjo in 1968 in Santa Clara Pueblo (Tito is from Santa Clara while Bernice is from Taos Pueblo). Dusty grew up in a a family steeped in the Santa Clara Pueblo pottery tradition. Among the potters she was surrounded by as a child were her mother Bernice, her grandmother Rose […]

Madeline Naranjo – Santa Clara Pueblo

Madeline Naranjo is a young potter from the Santa Clara Pueblo. Madeline has been making pottery since 1991, after being taught the traditional skills by her paternal grandmother ( who was also named Madeline Naranjo). Madeline makes the basic pots and does the polishing, carving, and the firing. Her work is usually black in color, […]

Judy Tafoya – Santa Clara Pueblo

I am half Tewa (Santa Clara Pueblo) and half Irish. My mother was full Tewa. My father was Irish. I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1962. I was raised in the Pueblo, after my parents died from age 3 to 13. I lived in a group home for girls in Santa Fe from […]

Gwen Tafoya – Santa Clara Pueblo

Gwen Tafoya was born in 1965 into the Santa Clara Pueblo-Tewa. She began experimenting with pottery making at the age of 6. She started out hand coiling small bowls and pots using traditional methods. Gwen began making larger pieces of pottery by the time she reached the age of 16 and eventually would etch on […]

Jason Ebelacker – Santa Clara Pueblo

When asked to name the potters in his family, Jason thought about it for a second, then replied “Everyone.” He is the son of Richard Ebelacker, grandson of Virginia Ebelacker, and great-grandson of the legendary Margaret Tafoya. Jason’s father, Ricard Ebelacker, was an award-winning potter and Jason credits his dad with teaching him everything he […]