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Pottery of the southwest Biography

Jennifer Sisneros

Dusty Naranjo – Santa Clara Pueblo

Born to Tito and Bernice Naranjo in 1968 in Santa Clara Pueblo (Tito is from Santa Clara while Bernice is from Taos Pueblo). Dusty grew

Nick Ebelacker – Santa Clara

Madeline Naranjo – Santa Clara Pueblo

Madeline Naranjo is a young potter from the Santa Clara Pueblo. Madeline has been making pottery since 1991, after being taught the trad

Judy Tafoya – Santa Clara Pueblo

I am half Tewa (Santa Clara Pueblo) and half Irish. My mother was full Tewa. My father was Irish. I was born in Los Angeles, California

Virginia Ebelacker – Santa Clara Pueblo

Grandmother to Jason Ebelacker

Gwen Tafoya – Santa Clara Pueblo

Gwen Tafoya was born in 1965 into the Santa Clara Pueblo-Tewa. She began experimenting with pottery making at the age of 6. She started

Jason Ebelacker – Santa Clara Pueblo

When asked to name the potters in his family, Jason thought about it for a second, then replied “Everyone.”

He is