Sgraffito Avanyu (water Serpent) Jar 4.25"H x 6"Diameter by Aaron Cajero - Jemez Pueblo

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 Aaron Cajero was born in 1966 into the Jemez Pueblo.  He is a member of the Fire Clan.  He began working with clay art in 1993.  He learned the traditional way of hand coiling pottery using ancient methods from the members of his family.  They taught him all the fundamentals of working with clay art forms.  

  Aaron specializes in a very unique style of pottery which a contemporary hand polished style.  He harvests his natural slips and clumps of raw clay from within the Jemez Pueblo. He breaks down the clumps of clay and adds sand to temper the clay and hand mixes with water and begins the hand coiling process the traditional way, which is rolling out the moist clay into snake like coils.

From the collection of Brenda and John Blom.