Polychrome Moth Jar 4.5"H x 6"Diameter by Rayvin Nampeyo - Hopi

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Brenda and John Blom Collection

Hopi pot, moth design by Rayvin Nampeyo (born 1961). Rayvin is brother of James G. Nampeyo (1992-08) and they are the sons of Leah Nampeyo (1991-04), one of Fannie’s seven children.

Their sister is Melda Garcia (2009-02). When Leah died in 1974, James was 16 years old, Melda 15 and Rayvin was 13. (Information from Rayvin.) Fannie raised the three siblings.

Although Hopi potters are traditionally women, at least one of Fannie’s sons (Thomas) is a potter and Fannie taught her grandsons to pot. For a picture of and comments by Rayvin, see Dillingham (1994:23).