Polychrome Angel 3.25”H x 3.25”Wide by Seferina Ortiz (1931-2007) - Cochiti Pueblo

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Her mother, Laurencita Herrera, taught her how to make pottery early in life and Seferina continued making pottery almost until the day she died. She also passed the basics of the tradition along to her children and grandchildren, including Lisa Holt and Juanita Inez, Virgil and Joyce Ortiz. All of them became skilled at making storyteller and animal figures.

Joyce became well known for her mermaid and nativity sets and miniature storytellers. Virgil pioneered a revival of the 19th century style of standing human figures and added social commentary to his mix.

Inez also made beautiful large figures while Lisa teamed up with Harlan Reano of Santo Domingo and they became award-winning potters, too.