Parrot Effigy By Tim Edaakie (1977-2020)- Zuni Pueblo

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Edaakie first began making pottery when he was a high school student, and has continued to refine his use of traditional Zuni techniques and materials since. He is passionate about sharing knowledge about pottery within the pueblo and ensuring that knowledge is preserved to be passed onto future generations. One of Edaakie’s goals is to revive certain traditional pottery methods, forms, and designs that are not currently being used in the pueblo—he is particularly interested in the transition between Matsaki and A:shiwi styles.

Edaakie comments:  “I see my art as a way to help ensure that traditional Zuni pottery continues, to educate Native and non-Native communities about the process of pottery making, and to explain the designs and forms.” Through the project, he hopes “to reintroduce elaborate designs used by my ancestors to present-day potters who are unaware of these intricate patterns.”