Mud Head Storyteller with 5 Babies 6.75"H x 5"W x 4.75"Deep by Alma Loretta Concha - Jemez Pueblo

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Laguna, Taos and Jemez Pueblo artist Alma Loretto Concha is an award-winning pottery storyteller artist.

Alma Loretto Concha (1941 - ) learned from her mother, Carrie Reid Loretto, a respected pottery artist. In 1979, Alma participated in the landmark exhibition, "One Space: Three Visions," at the Albuquerque Museum. Three years later, in 1982, she was featured in National Geographic Magazine. In the 1980s, she lived for a while at Taos Pueblo, where she made some fetish jars for a short time.

Alma's style could be characterized as minimalist, meaning that she has reduced the features of the human form down to minimal shapes. Their eyes are undelineated. Their ears are covered with caps or blankets. Their noses are like little beaks. Their mouths occasionally open in an oval. Alma often uses a matte orange natural clay and she paints their clothing with a cream clay paint.

Alma's fine art pottery figures are admired by a broad public audience. She shares her work gracefully and is widely respected, "God gave me the talent to make pottery, and I really enjoy making people happy."