“Moonlight Calling” Ca.1988 32” x 40” Monotype Framed by Tony Abeyta - Navajo Dine’

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Brenda and John Blom Collection. Brenda has decided to let this piece go, and honestly I was shocked. This is signed and dated 1988 when John purchased the piece. Vibrant colors go perfect with the frame, the glass is museum glass. All money from the sale of this painting go directly to Brenda. There will be no discounts on this piece, shipping will be free fully insured.

Monotype Printing Process:

Monotype printing is a printmaking technique that produces a single unique impression from a prepared surface, or matrix, and is valued for its textural qualities. The process involves drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface, such as glass, metal, or plastic, and then transferring the image to paper: