From the Collection of Brenda and John Blom 13.25"H x 12"Diameter by Reynaldo Quezada - Mata Ortiz

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Juan Quezada's youngest brother, Reynaldo Quezada learned to make pottery more than 30 years ago from Juan and Nicolas (another of the Quezada brothers). After learning the basics from his brothers, Reynaldo then worked with his sister Consolacion and perfected his techniques for producing the polished, black textured bowls and jars he has become famous for. 

Reynaldo is also credited as the first potter in Mexico to mix clays and produce a marbleized look.

Reynaldo has spent a lot of time traveling around the United States teaching and demonstrating the Mata Ortiz way of making pottery. His work has been well received as most people see his style as being modern and elegant.

Reynaldo was born and raised in Mata Ortiz and makes his home with his family in the Barrio Central area.