Fine Line Checkerboard Pot 4"H x 5.5"Diameter by Calvin Analla Jr. - Laguna Pueblo

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Calvin Analla Jr. is known for bowls, jars, canteens, and other vessels, some with deeply-scalloped edges, are distinguished by a marbled clay body which results from mixing his traditional Laguna clay with Hopi clay.  Analla is a Native American ceramic artist of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico.

Calvin's brother-in-law and Hopi potter, Steve Lucas, introduced Calvin to Hopi clay. He learned pottery techniques from his grandmother, Evelyn Cheromiah, and his aunt, Lee Ann Cheromiah. He forms the pots by the ancient pinch, mold, and coil method, and uses local materials and supplies to smooth and decorate. The pottery is finished by firing in a time-honored pit-fire kiln using locally available fuel.