Drummer Figure 11.25"H x 5.75"Wide by Seferina Ortiz - Cochiti Pueblo

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From the Collection of Brenda and John Blom

Artist Seferina Ortiz (b.1931-2007) is one of the most respected potters of Cochiti Pueblo. She learned pottery making from her mother, Laurencita Herrera. Her children include Mary Janice Ortiz, Virgil Ortiz and Lisa Holt.

She is represented in many museum and private collections. The Peabody Museum of Harvard University has 32 pieces of her pottery in its collection.

Cochiti Pueblo has a long history of producing figurative pottery. It reached its prime in the last quarter of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. 


There was a strong revival in the early 1970s with the production of storyteller figurines. Some potters at Cochiti expanded beyond the traditional storyteller figurines.  Seferina Ortiz (1931-2007) was one of them.