Deep Carved Jar With Lid 9”High x 8.5”Diameter by Jason Ebelacker - Santa Clara Pueblo

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Jason is a son of Richard Ebelacker, a grandson of Virginia Ebelacker and a great-grandson of Margaret Tafoya. Jason learned to make pottery from his father Richard, and has been making pieces for the past ten years. His work is inspired by the classic shapes, with large ollas bowls, broad-shouldered pottery, bear paw imprints and the superior burnish and designs of his family and the Pueblo.

He is also doing wonderful deep carving with crisp-edged which are indicative of Margaret Tafoya.  Jason uses only traditional methods of hand-coil construction, shaping, polishing and carving each work before they are traditionally fired.   

Some of the very large olla shapes take weeks and months to construct, as only two to three coils are applied a day to allow for drying before the next coils can be added. Jason has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and his work can be found in museums and books on Santa Clara pottery.