Cream on Red Miniature Pot with Serpent 1.75"H x 3"Diameter by Geraldine Gutierrez - San Ildefonso Pueblo

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Geraldine Gutiérrez's mother, Helen Atencio, was from San Ildefonso and her father, Frank Gutierrez, from Santa Clara Pueblo. Although she technically belongs to her mother’s pueblo, she makes her residence at Santa Clara and produces blackware and redware pottery as well as paintings. Her paintings are certainly influenced by the work of her uncle, Gilbert Atencio of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

Geraldine carries on in the traditional manner of San Ildefonso Pueblo painting. Dance figures are her favorite theme, and generally they are drawn without any ground lines. Her colors are so intense they look as though they came directly from the paint tubes. They are delicate in value, consistently neat, outlines tend to be fine, and there is much delicate modeling and shading.