Carved Black Miniature 2”H x 2.25” by Linda Tafoya Sanchez - Santa Clara Pueblo

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Brenda and John Blom Collection. 

Linda learned the art of making Pueblo pottery from her parents, Lee and Betty Tafoya, and she is a granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya.  Her early pottery was signed "Linda Tafoya-Oyenque" when she was living in San Juan Pueblo.  

She currently lives back near Santa Clara Pueblo and signs her pottery, "Linda Tafoya-Sanchez."  She has won numerous awards for her pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market, and Heard Indian Market and She was also featured on the front cover of New Mexico Magazine in August 2006 and a featured artist in the 2011 Santa Fe Indian Market Magazine.  

Linda's polish and deep carve in her mellon design brings each piece a wonderful complete polish refection.  She often uses a dimension of micacious in her mat finish to complete the character of each work.