Bowl with Elm Bark Impressions 8.5" Diameter x 5" High by Carrie Lind - Cherokee/Shawnee

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In the tradition of Cherokee potters and my ancestors, I study and create Southeast/Woodland hand-built pottery. 

Using clay I find on my Cherokee allotment in White Oak, Oklahoma and hometown of Vinita, I hand-process the clay that I use to make my pottery. 

With it, I hand coil, build, and open fire process my work. 

My pots reflect my Cherokee and Shawnee ancestry and draw inspiration from the techniques of my teachers and mentors, including Cherokee National Treasure Victoria Mitchell Vazquez, well-known Wendat potter Richard Zane Smith, Shawnee potter Gary Henson, and Cherokee National Treasure Jane Osti. 

I work from my home in Vinita, Oklahoma, where I live with my twelve-year old-daughter, Hadley.