Black on White Miniature 3.75"H x 4.5"Diameter by Anderson Jamie Peynesta - Zuni Pueblo

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Born at Zuni Pueblo in 1997, Anderson Jamie Peynetsa is the son of Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa, nephew of aunts Agnes and Priscilla Peynetsa. 

He's been making pots since he was 11 years old, learning from his brother and his father. He participated in his first show in 2008, the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, and went home with a 1st Place ribbon in the Junior Pottery Division.

Jamie's favorite shapes are either contemporary (he sometimes makes duck pots) or traditional Hawikuh-revival styles. His favorite designs are a mix of modern fine line and traditional Zuni designs. 

He says he gets his inspiration from his father and his goal is to learn all he can from his dad and produce pots at least as good as his dad's.