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About The Artist

When asked to name the potters in his family, Jason thought about it for a second, then replied “Everyone.”

He is the son of Richard Ebelacker, grandson of Virginia Ebelacker, and great-grandson of the legendary Margaret Tafoya. Jason’s father, Ricard Ebelacker, was an award-winning potter and Jason credits his dad with teaching him everything he needed to know to make pottery in the traditional way. Jason remembers starting to work with clay when he was five and a few years later, he earned a 1st Place ribbon in the Pottery Youth Division of the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market. Jason earned two 1st Place ribbons before he was eighteen. He has participated in Indian Market and in the annual Eight Northern Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show regularly ever since. His collection of winning ribbons continues to grow each year.

Jason’s favorite shapes to work with are water jars and cylinders. His favorite design is the avanyu. He says he gets his inspiration from old books and old photos, especially historic books and photos about the Santa Clara people and Northern New Mexico history and archaeology.

Black Carved Jar

Jason Ebelacker

10" high x 10" Diameter


Carved Avanyu Box

Jason Ebelacker

5” x 4.5"


Large Canteen Onse Side with Avanyu the Other Bear Paw

Jason Ebelacker

12.5” x 15"


Large Carved Wedding Vase

Jason Ebelacker

18” x 15” Diameter


Larger Flat Eagle Jar

Jason Ebelacker

5” x 14.5” Diameter