Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina are widely considered the most skilled potters working in Zia Pueblo today. Originally from Jemez, Elizabeth has lived in Zia Pueblo since 1978 and learned the art of traditional pottery-making from her mother-in-law, Sofia Medina. Marcellus (b. 1954) is a self taught painter who working in watercolors and acrylics. The husband-and-wife team often collaborate to create exquisite handmade pottery known for its incredible craftsmanship, elegance of form and finely painted designs. In their pottery collaborations, Elizabeth creates and forms the pots by hand from homemade clay, and Marcellus paints the unique, highly detailed designs onto each vessel. The Medinas have won many awards at Santa Fe Indian Market and other prestigious Native art shows. Annually, Elizabeth and Marcellus handcraft the New Mexico Bowl Trophy, one of the most unique in all of college sports. It is a 20-inch clay pot meticulously handcrafted featuring the iconic Zia sun symbol and images of football players, a deer, mountain lion, buffalo, and eagle.