Falling Leaves 2020 4"H x 4.25"Diameter by Madeline Naranjo - Santa Clara Pueblo

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About This Piece in Madeline's own words:

"Once a year a pot is created to celebrate the return of Fall. I personally love a certain shade of yellow that the cotton woods turn, the cotton wood leaves that is. The leaves may fall, but no worries they will return in the spring"

Madeline Naranjo is a young potter from the Santa Clara Pueblo. Madeline has been making pottery since 1991, after being taught the traditional skills by her paternal grandmother (who was also named Madeline Naranjo). 

Madeline makes the basic pots and does the polishing, carving and the firing. Her work is usually black in color, made from red clay but turned black in the firing process. Madeline designs and carves her pots using a deep-carving method to create their distinctive patterns. Deep carving is a difficult technique since an artist cannot carve too deeply into the clay without damaging or destroying the pot.

Madeline’s pieces are respected for their highly polished finish and meticulous designs. She received 2nd and 3rd place awards at the 2000 Santa Fe Indian Market, and a first place ribbon in 2017. While she uses the traditional methods of producing their pottery, they often add a unique contemporary flair.