Sgraffito Kokopelli With Turquoise Cab 4.5"H x 5"Diameter by Tse-Pe - San Ildefonso Pueblo

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Tse-Pe is the son and student of Rose Gonzales. Tse-Pe and his wife, Dora had five daughters who were taught pottery making, Irene, Jennifer, Gerri, is evident in his incised, sgraffito pottery. 

He is known for introducing green slips used today by Russell Sanchez and other contemporary potters. Juan has been an active potter since 1970. 

Dora is the daughter of Zia native, Candelaria Guchupin. She married a well-known San Ildefonso potter, Tse-Pe. Dora has collaborated with famous artist Popovi Da and Tony Da. She has also mentored the creative Russell Sanchez. She is known for her re- firing to make sienna rims and advancing glittering mica slips. Dora has been an active potter since 1965.