Moth Seed Pot With Star Cut Out 2.5"H x 5.5"Diameter by Nona Naha (1959-2021) - Hopi

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Nona's mother, Edith Nash, was a great mid-century Hopi potter, and Nona learned pottery from Helen Naha (Feather Woman) and Helen's daughters Sylvia and Rainy. 

That tutelage explains the intricacy and careful painting that distinguishes Nona's work. Schaaf's Hopi-Tewa Pottery (1998) states that "Nona Naha produces some of the thinnest pottery at Hopi" and quotes Nona saying, "The process for me is long, and I take time to do my best." 

One look at this piece gives you proof that she didn't exaggerate. We'd normally call this a seed jar, but its vent hole is at the bottom instead of at the top where you'd expect it.