Gloria Kahe

Gloria Kahe - Diné, Navajo Nation. Active 1970-present. Gloria Kahe is the spouse of Samuel Kahe; daughter-in-law of Marcella Kahe; sister-in-law of Karen Charlie; Mother of Valerie Kahe.

Gloria Kahe is a Diné or Navajo woman who married into a Hopi Family of potters. Gloria learned from one of the respected masters, Marcella Kahe. As a result of her excellent training, Gloria's pottery is made in the traditional way. Her pottery is beautiful, well formed and designed. Gloria has branched away from Hopi-style Sikyatki designs by incorporation symbols and imagery from her Diné culture. Some of her pottery displays Diné spirit figures called "Yeis." These Yei or "Holy People" figures are found in Navajo sand paintings and on Navajo rugs mostly from the Four Corners region. Gloria also has created some new designs that are bold and well balanced.

Gloria resides in Polacca, the lower village, where many cross cultural families live. She could not inherit a house in the village atop the Mesa, because these houses are passed down through the women in the matrilineal tradition.

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