Artists and Pieces from Southwestern Pottery - Anasazi to Zuni

Southwestern Pottery Books

Beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of Native American Southwestern Pottery
Souhwestern Pottery Anasazi To Zuni - Revised and Expanded Edition - Written by Alan Hayes, Photography by John Blom


Anasazi To Zuni – Revised & Expanded Edition

Authors: Alan & Carol Hayes, Photography: John C. Blom

When this book first appeared in 1996, it was “Pottery 101,” a basic introduction to the subject. It served as an art book, a history book, and a reference book, but also fun to read, beautiful to look at, and filled with good humor and good sense. After twenty years of faithful service, it’s been expanded and brought up-to-date with photographs of more than 1,600 pots from more than 1,600 years. It shows every pottery-producing group in the Southwest, complete with maps that show where each group lives. Now updated, rewritten, and re-photographed, it’s a comprehensive study as well as a basic introduction to the art.

Available at the  POTTERY OF THE SOUTHWEST GALLERY in Santa Fe, NM

The Desert Southwest - Four Thousand Years of Life And Art - Written by Carol and Alan Hayes, Photography by John Blom


Four Thousand Years Of Life And Art

Authors: Alan & Carol Hayes, Photography: John C. Blom

This beautiful art book tells the story of the “other Southwest,” tracing the history of centuries of conflict and resolution between Natives, Hispanics, and Anglos, as well as their respective artistic accomplishments. This far-reaching collection of artifacts invites you to explore the achievements and art of cultures that overcame unfathomable obstacles to build the Southwest that we know today.

An exhaustive exploration of Southwestern archeological ruins, academic archives, historic documents, and the holdings of private and public art collections from El Paso to Los Angeles, Zuni to Chihuahua. Includes more than 250 color photographs of rare, archival art alongside engaging historical text.

Pottery Of The Southwest - Ancient Art And Modern Tradition


Ancient Art And Modern Traditions

Authors: Alan & Carol Hayes

For almost two thousand years, the pottery made by the Indians of America’s Southwest has remained a vital art. Today, more than twenty Pueblos and tribes make pottery within the tradition, each with a distinctive style. Many of those local styles have persisted for hundreds of years. In prehistory, beautiful pieces had high trade value, and the finest contemporary pieces command prices appropriate to fine art of any type.

Potters like Nampeyo, Maria Martinez and Juan Quezada achieved worldwide fame. Yet despite it’s history and the skill of its artists, Southwestern Indian pottery remains surprisingly easy to collect. This book introduces the art from its beginnings to the present and displays examples that describe how America’s first important art form grew into one of the world’s most accessible treasures.