Artists and Pieces from Southwestern Pottery - Anasazi to Zuni
Looking for an exceptional education on traditional and contemporary Native American Arts? At Pottery Of The Southwest, a gallery located on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will find artists you know and recognize, and some you will not. We specialize in artists and pieces from the book, “Southwestern Pottery – Anasazi to Zuni” , a popular southwestern pottery collector’s guide with gorgeous photography by John Blom; written by Allan Hayes.

Come meet potters and artists at our gallery exhibits and pottery making demonstrations. Watch as the story of this ancient and still existing craft takes shape in potter’s hands.

Featured: Above: A series by photographer Nia MacKnight, a Hunkpapa Lakota who through the aperture of her camera, allows a peek into the psyche and attitudes of the Lakota people and their relationship to the cultural, spiritual and natural world around them.
Acoma Pueblo - Marvin Aragon - Double Canteen, Rebecca Lucario - Polychrome Olla

Double Canteen and Polychrome Olla

Marvin Aragon, Rebecca Lucario Acoma

Cherokee - Karin Walkingstick - Undulating Snakeskin Jar

Undulating Snakeskin Jar

Karin Walkingstick

Santa Clara - Bernice Moquino - Polychrome Olla and Jar

Incised Polychrome Jar and Olla

Bernice Moquino Santa Clara

Zuni Pueblo - Noreen Simplico - Sculpted Lizard Seed Pot

Sculpted Lizard Seed Pot

Noreen Simplico Zuni

Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi To Zuni

John Blom’s collection encompasses over 2,000 objects in various forms, both contemporary and historic. Pottery from all the major Native American tribal groups and renowned Pueblo potters in Arizona and New Mexico are represented.

It’s a collection strong enough to attract over 3,000 visitors when just a quarter of it went on exhibit at The Nevada Museum of Art in Reno in 2012.

Pottery Of The Southwest Gallery

If you decide to try collecting yourself, a visit to Pottery Of The Southwest Gallery will be a learning experience that will launch you into building the collection of your dreams. The gallery specializes in authentic, hand-coiled, historic and contemporary Southwest Indian Pueblo pottery.