Artists and Pieces from Southwestern Pottery - Anasazi to Zuni

John Blom Biography

"There’s no learning experience quite like living with a pot, handling it, and letting it teach you”. – John C. Blom
John Blom Portrait - There is no learning experience quite like living with a pot, handling it and letting it teach you

It All Began With A Single Pot

It was when John C. Blom, Alan Hayes and wives Brenda and Carol visited Walpi on the Hopi Mesa in 1992 that John bought his  first souvenir and got bitten by the southwestern “Pottery Collecting Bug”.  At the time, they could not find much information about what they were buying.  What was really annoying, was that many books showed pictures of someone making a pot, but wouldn’t bother to identify the artist.

John led a busy life. He had a family and full-time job. John was the Vice Chairman of a shipping company and served as a director of a chain of pre-schools. When John and Al decided to produce their first book, John learned photography by taking a self-taught, three-week crash course in still life photography. Their first book, Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni was released in 1996. Three more books on southwestern pottery followed, each pot beautifully photographed and carefully measured.

Twenty years later, they had amassed a pottery collection spanning more than 1,500 hundred years of development – and in the process learned a few things that he and co-author Alan Hayes eagerly share with other would be collectors.

If you want to learn about Southwestern Pueblo Pottery and native American Art, visit  Pottery Of The Southwest, a gallery located on historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.